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Mary Kerr, M.D.

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Dr. Mary Kerr’s Beverly Hills practice helps patients discover the causes behind heavy and irregular periods and unusual vaginal bleeding. Contact her office today to schedule an appointment. The practice serves those in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA.

Irregular and Heavy Vaginal Bleeding

What can cause irregular and heavy bleeding?

Dr. Mary Kerr’s practice helps patients discover the causes behind heavy and irregular periods and unusual vaginal bleeding, including the investigation and resolution of vaginal bleeding, diagnosing and treating endocervical and endometrial polyps, intrauterine fibroids, thickened endometrial tissue due to hormonal disorders and imbalances, including the diagnosis and management of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), bleeding in early pregnancy, and the resolution of unexpected bleeding after menopause. 

Treatment Options

Dr. Kerr believes that working together with patients on a variety of treatment options from holistic, medical, minimally invasive and definitive surgical treatment yields the best results. From supplements and holistic methods to prescription medications, many patients’ bleeding challenges can be resolved easily and without surgery. 

Investigations of unusual bleeding include pelvic exam and in office pelvic ultrasound, hysterosonogram, and pelvic MRI. Laboratory studies will evaluate anemia, bleeding disorders, and hormonal imbalances. Support from vitamins, IV iron infusions, and birth control pills, progesterone-releasing long-term contraception, including IUDs, and hormonal management can be offered.

In office, the evaluation of heavy and/or irregular bleeding by endometrial biopsy and removal of cervical polyps and vaginal lesions may be performed. If necessary, surgical treatment of intracervical and intrauterine polyps, uterine fibroids, and endometrial ablation are also offered before resorting to hysterectomy. The step-wise evaluation and plan of care are done with each patient’s preferences, fertility goals, and stage of life in mind.