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Mary Kerr, M.D.

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Fractora Skin Revitalization

As we age, skin progressively loses elasticity and begins to wrinkle and show the effects of gravity. Fractora is a fractional skin resurfacing and subdermal remodeling bipolar radiofrequency device that bridges the gap between fractional lasers and surgical procedures. 

Clinical research demonstrate significant outcomes such as: improvement in skin complexion, reduction in skin irregularities, and restoring skin to a more youthful appearance. This all occurs within one to six sessions, with the majority of research based on series of three sessions, four to eight weeks apart. 

Fractora can be used on active cystic acne and acne scars, rosacea, melasma, and fine lines and wrinkles. Our remodeling solutions help improve skin texture and complexion to enhance the skin’s overall appearance. 

Patients can revive aging skin by stimulating the formation of new collagen, elastin, and blood flow to improve elasticity. Patients often can see and feel results immediately during and after the treatment. The skin remodeling and renewal continues over the four to eight weeks that follow each treatment. The best part is that the results look and feel completely natural.

The most commonly treated areas include: lower eyelid, upper eyelid, smile lines, forehead, cheeks, mouth, neck and chest.  Face and body areas that exhibit wrinkles, laxity, discoloration, active acne or acne scarring are also suitable for treatment, including hands, arms, axillae, knees, and stretch marks. 

To learn more about our skin remodeling or to address facial pigmentation, superficial vessels, skin texture, wrinkles, laxity, and/or photodamage, contact the office of Dr. Mary Kerr for a consultation and treatment in a private, confidential setting.